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The North Central Career and Technical Education Cooperative application for the 2024-2025 school year has closed. If you are interested in a program, please contact your school counselor for more information!

Our Mission

North Central CTE Cooperative provides opportunities for students to explore career pathways by offering hands-on learning, post-secondary credits, industry certifications, and work-based learning.  Students will graduate high school with the academic, technical and employability skills to be ready for college, career or the military.

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Why should you choose to pursue Career & Technical Education in high school? 

  • Explore high demand and high wage careers

  • College Credits

  • Industry Specific Certifications

  • Work-Based Learning Experiences

  • Gain valuable skills to carry over to the workforce, college or future training

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Our Vision

North Central CTE Cooperative empowers all CTE students to develop the skills and aptitudes needed to be leaders in our future workforce and impactful citizens in our communities.

Community Partnerships

Partnerships with industry, business and local organizations are crucial for not only our communities but also our students.  We look forward to connecting and engaging with you!  Please click on the below interest form to indicate how you can partner with our students and programs. 

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CTE Happenings

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