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Marshall County Community Foundation Scholarship Info

  • Student will create an account:

  • Student will need to select “All Marshall County Scholarship Eligibility Quiz “

  • This quiz was built to help determine if a student is qualified for a scholarship.

  • Students will not be able to view any scholarship applications without completing the eligibility quiz.

  • Once the quiz is complete, based on how they answered the questions, it will only display scholarships they are actually qualified for.

  • They can begin filling out the online application(s).

  • If they are qualified for more than one scholarship, they can copy their answers to the others (they won’t need to fill out multiple applications).

  • Once they complete their first application, on the other apps, they can select “Copy Previous Answers” to automatically fill in questions they have already answered. (If they did not answer a question on the previous app, they will need to answer those questions)


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