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Aircraft Hangar


The Aviation Management pathway is a 2 year pathway and these courses are hosted at the Plymouth Municipal Airport in Marshall County.  Potential careers after completing this pathway include aviation inspectors, aircraft mechanics, avionic technicians, airline pilots, flight engineers, aerospace engineers and many more!  

North Central CTE Cooperative partners with Alpha Flight to offer this opportunity for students in the CTE Cooperative. 

Aviation Management Courses


Course Description

Aviation Management will give students an overview of the aviation industry, including general regulations and laws. Students will learn aviation technology, basic aerodynamics, aircraft systems, instrument operations, and flight physiology.  Students will receive 10 hours of flight time, 5 hours of actual flight time and an additional 5 hours of simulator time. 

Dual Credit

Ivy Tech Community College provides the opportunity for students to earn up to 18 AVIT dual credits, including:

120 Private Pilot Theory

111  Intro to Aviation Tech

132  Aviation Operations

135  Aviation Safety Management Systems

138  Aviation Weather Services 

208  Air Traffic Controls

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