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Medical Worker

Healthcare Specialist

The Pre-Nursing/Healthcare Specialist course is a 2 year pathway and this course is hosted at Knox High School and Plymouth High School.  Potential careers after completing this pathway include nurse, nurse practitioner, certified nursing assistant, physician, healthcare worker, medical technician, community health worker and many more! 

North Central CTE Cooperative partners with LLN (Lifelong Learning Network) to offer this opportunity for students in the CTE Cooperative. 

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Healthcare Specialist Courses

Course Description

The pre-nursing/healthcare specialist pathway  prepares students for a state certification which can lead to a career in nursing.  This course covers medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, health and safety, healthy lifestyle, wellness and disease prevention.  Students will experience classroom simulations and on the job learning. 

Dual Credit

Ivy Tech Community College provides the opportunity for students to earn up to 18 HLHS dual credits, including:

 100   Intro to Health Careers

 101   Medical Terminology

 102   Essential Anatomy & Physiology

 104   CPR/Basic Life Support

 107   CNA Preparation

 113   Dementia Care


 Students have an opportunity to receive CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification. 

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