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Metalworker using Welding Machine

Welding Technology

The Welding Technology pathway is a 2 year pathway and this course is hosted at Plymouth High School and Knox Middle School.  This course includes specialized classroom and laboratory experiences that develop a variety of skills detailed in American Welding Society (AWS) Entry Level Guidelines and Certifications.    Potential careers in this pathway include welder, sheet metal worker,  boilermaker, materials engineer and many more.  

North Central CTE Cooperative partners with SCILL (Starke County Initiative for Lifelong Learning) to offer this opportunity for students in the CTE Cooperative. 

A Man Welding

Course Description

Instructional activities emphasize properties of metals, safety issues, blueprint reading, electrical principles, welding symbols, and mechanical drawing through projects and exercises that teach students how to weld industrial metals in four basic welding positions.  Reinforcement of mathematical skills in geometry, precision measurement, and estimation will be part of the daily instruction.  Understanding the principles of metallurgy, gases, and materials science is integral to this course.

Welding Technology Courses


Dual Credit

Ivy Tech Community College provides the opportunity for students to earn up to 18 WELD dual credits, including:

100 Welding Fundamentals

108  Shielded Arc Metal Welding I

109 Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding & Cutting

206 Adv Shielded Metal Arc Welding

207 Gas Metal Arc (MIG)

272 Adv. Gas Metal Arc (MIG)


Multiple certifications are available through the American Welding Society (AWS).

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