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Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts pathway is a 2 year pathway and these courses are hosted at Plymouth High School and Knox High School.   Potential careers after completing this pathway include chefs, food preparers, nutritionists, caterer, restaurant manager, food stylist, pastry chef and many more. 

North Central CTE Cooperative partners with Knox High School and Plymouth High School to offer this opportunity for students in the CTE Cooperative. 

Culinary Arts Courses

Course Description

Culinary Arts will give students an overview of the culinary arts and hospitality industry.  Students will learn aviation technology, food preparation, sanitation and safety, service procedures, menu planning as well as management and operations.   Students in this course will experience hands on learning and have the opportunity to cater meals and events. 

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Dual Credit

Ivy Tech Community College provides the opportunity for students to earn up to 15 HOSP dual credits, including:

101 Sanitation and Safety

102 Basic Food Theory & Skills

103 Soups, Stocks & Sauces

104  Nutrition

105  Intro to Baking

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